Essential NYC mating strategies. Inventive and funny courtship displays at action. Sexual partners attracted guarantee a reproductive success. Evolutionary psychology at work, made easy in “ NYC Life” by Michael Slavens, presented at Massada Film Festival in NY.

NYC Life

NYC Life Trailer by Micheal Slavens for Massada Film Festival

NYC Life Trailer

Every great dream begins with the dreamer. You need to have passion to reach the stars.

Concerns of the Writer

Massada Art Projects presents „5to5” film by NY Shorts Festival award winner Michael Slavens. City narration tells the metropolitan story of NY soul and energy.


„The Last Dufö” mysterious story of last great art masterpiece by Bjelk Dufö. Hilarious analysis of what constitutes to be ART, to have World Premiere at Massada Film Festival NY 20th March 2015

The Last Dufö Trailer

Tokyo, year 2903. Everything looks disconcertingly similiar to what it has been over the last few hundred years. according to their own inner application.



Massada founders love art. Kate and Chris are personally involved in every aspect of artistic directions taken within company. With its artistic interests and art appreciation they want to share their curiosity and enthusiasm for art with other people. They invite artists to take joy in creating. Intention of the endeavour is to involve talented virtuosos in art exploration and communication with the world. It involves several disciplines from film, comics, world heritage art inspired eyewear, poetry, images and yet is not limited to just few forms of art listed here. Massada Art Projects are open to accommodate any representation of human fantasy. The aim is to expand human imagination. Individual projects selected represent careful personal choices of the Massada founders. Independence of the thinking and approach is encouraged. Influence and participation of Kate and Chris vary from project to project. Disputes and deliberations are present as art is perceived as important and fundamental part of our lives. Always ideas are born in endless conversations.

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Our love for Hieronymus Bosch has been turned into creative reinterpretation “The Garden of Earthly Delights by Massada. No Punishment. Wish You to discover plenty hidden meanings within the picture. DISFRUTA ESTAS FRUTAS DEL BOSCO.


Massada Art Projects invite you to World Premiere of Hieronymus Bosch interpretation of “The Garden of Earthly Delights by Massada. No Punishment.”

The Garden of Earthly Delights

Tinity of light, color and pattern. Creative combination. Power of light in Massada fusion art cuisine laboratory.


BREAKING NEWS! HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE! "NYC Life" by Michael Slavens, Massada Art Projects has been selected for 2015 New York International Short Film Festival.


Incredible run for „NYC Life” by Michael Slavens, Massada Art Projects! Great News Again! „NYC Life” officially selected for Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films 2015, California!


Friday, March 20th 2015 @ 7.30 pm Anthology Film Archives ( 32 Second Avenue New York, NY 10003 ) Please RSVP by March 15th to


This time Massada takes You to Bretagne, France


Calling few guys produced incredible results. We found Mat who does drawing for different newspapers worldwide. When we saw his works we knew that this is it. It is gonna be comics book.




We love Hieronymus Bosch Wild Strawberries painting. Our love for the painting has been turned into Massada reinterpretation of content provided by author. We spent endless number of hours in Prado Museum in Madrid, endless number of hours for discussions, research and imaginative work alternating bits and pieces of the picture with great respect to the frame and composition.

Looking at the middle part of El Bosco triptych “The Garden of Earthly Delights” we are sucked into idyllic mood of fifteen century picnic. It is a pleasure to watch all these happy people who enjoy mutual company, nature, animals and juicy forest fruits. It is difficult to believe that in a moment they will be punished. From the content of the picture we see that Bosch could have been associated with Adamites or/and Familia Caritatis sect and he was smuggling their ideology into the painting. Many authors including Javier Sierra support the claim. In those difficult and complicated times it is advise to us from the artist how to leave the hell of everyday life behind and head towards paradise. As in the present times, understanding of reality is not as easy as it appears on the surface. Vast conflicting currents fight each other. The beauty of the painting lies to us communication which is overwhelming and open to interpretation 500 years after it has been created.

Using novel comics techniques interpretation we wanted to be as close to original painting. Hold to myriad number of mysterious meanings, detailed compositions, wonderful colors and at this same time add our own contribution. You may find among many hidden meanings that we added dry shell fruit turning mind from the past into which people are looking into. In other place mysterious red tree bears fruits of Laozi wisdom which are wanted by gathered crowd. Men trying to find way into the heart of a women. Endless pageant of people and animals in form of infinity sign signaling a wish for never ending of this parade and happiness. Wish You to discover plenty of other hidden meanings within the picture as original author has intended and we follow discreetly and humbly his path. DISFRUTA ESTAS FRUTAS DEL BOSCO.

Massada is art brand. Activities of founders are split in diffused way to be designers, artistic directors and businessmen. Art is about communicating emotions. It is not purely performing art , heavy part of artistic search is done out of personal curiosity rather than for the initial aim of presenting to the public. We do not start from the end aim of participation in the art projects for the sake of business. We are involved in several experiments in arts and experimental projections which are not aimed at displaying to the broad public. In some cases such projects come to fruition and in such case we want to share them with the audience. In case of our preoccupation with El Bosco universe we found a right partner artist and art historian who was ready to explore and work diligently with the substance assigned. The result of his work and our mutual preparation is was not achieved overnight. The result is sum of all our mutual cultural experiences , education and deliberations. The act of  creation was not accidental it was deeply thought process which required skillful dedicated hand of Mateusz Kolek to draw in order not to betray our master Hieronymus Bosch.

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Thank You Madrid!!! Incredible opening night with Friends for “The Garden of Earthly Delights by Massada. No Punishment.” Javier Sierra it was great that You joined us at L'Atelier Optica and gave us knowledgeable speech talking about mysteries of the picture and El Bosco. Thank You! We proudly presented our love of Hieronymus Bosch Wild Strawberries painting interpretation. Wild Forest Fruits were served, Cava and conversations were flowing freely. Our love for the painting has been turned into creative reinterpretation of the painting. Wish You All to discover plenty pf hidden meanings within the picture as original author has intended and we followed discreetly and humbly his path. DISFRUTA ESTAS FRUTAS DEL BOSCO.

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Choosing Jaguar XK 120 isn’t easy. Getting original one is even more difficult.
We are always thinking about the story and narrations for our photo shootings. It is never ending exercise. Inventing story and location which communicates the message. Filling the story;we need people, we need to dress them and bring other objects to achieve desired feelings.
For “Exceptional Destiny” esthetics has been inspired by Louis Bunuel film “The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie”. The aim was to play with Bleak Chic French concept. Based on literary research and exploration of French psyche set in the landscape of get away country retreat.
We wanted to have a car which was compatible with the vision. Our first choice was Citroen DS, limousine. However once we visited private collection of our friend who owns nearly 60 cars our perception of what to choose has widen dramatically with every second that we spent looking at all these beautiful restored or original cars.
Limousine idea has been changed to cabriolet ideology more kind of Tamara de Lempicka influence. Bugatti would be to bold move for the Bourgeoisie at its bohemian decent. British built Jaguar XK120 which at the time of production has beaten most of the world speed limits was irresistible. Participation in Le Mans 24 hours races and the fact that car has been owned one by Clark Gable was the final point when decision was made. The tough part was to persuade collector to lend us his jewel. After weeks of begging and asking, making promises and God knows what else we got it together with person taking care of the car at very moment of photo shooting.
By the end of the day what is more luxurious in French bohemian Bleak Chick than to look sad on the way to Your country estate hunting palace, driving British Jag XK120 and enjoying companionship of Your beautiful female friends.

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