Colome, Argentina. Magic James Turrell in Andean plena desert. Space is the Place. Driving secluded desert dirt road on elevation 3200 m above sea level we feel connection between sky and earth. Reaching Estancia Colome where the James Turrell Museum is located is for sure a heavenly experience. The James Turrell Museum with it’s nine art installations is the only one in the world solely dedicated to the artist.

James has all he needs in this space: a lot of space and a lot of light. In the cloudless weather it is good that we brought Massada sunglasses. Abundance of space and light makes us hypnotize. Art installations themselves in the building use all off these free resources present to frame them and play on our sensual perceptions. Diffused light in Ganzfeld effect at work deprive our perception. Light tunnels trick our perspective. We immerse in color light fog. At the end of the each tour, (we took four) there is Unseen Blue, skyspace in the inner courtyard. We rest on the Salta handmade woven fabrics and look into the clear sky at sunset. The light is fading, single start rises and we cannot do anything else than just stare at it.

Yard of old farm at Colome Estancia vineyard. Looking at the silhouette of Andes range, enjoying silence in space, enjoying the place. Slowly sipping Altura Maxima we are in heaven.
James Turrell, All rights reserved. Photographs by Florian Holzherr.