Extravagant Mind doesn’t stop. Why? Because mind wants more. Extravagant means excess. It could be perceived in different terms. It could be positive in the sense of space and comfort. It could be negative in the meaning of opulence.Our understanding is on positive side of life. Purity and freshness is our theme. We may accept regular constant attitude in life , but we may also lone for better life and comfort. Comfort is not complexity, it is about simplicity and understanding. We thrive to to access space, private space to breathe. Purity of landscape is utopian, ultimate atavistic dream. Emotional comfort of mind connects with well being of our body and our nerves. More crowded is the world, more we lone for space. Emotionally mind which explores is extravagant one. Exploration and search reaches the space and stars. The path is made when we walk it. What is life without dreams? What is life without freedom. Society tells us what to do, but we remain free when we disobey, when search and question. Questions which widen the perspective. Result is not to be lost in the muddle. Widening horizons leads, paradoxically to simplicity. Less is More.