MASSADA leather craftsmanship

“All genuine knowledge originates in direct experience". Art, whatever form it takes, requires hard work, craftsmanship and creativity. MASSADA CUBISM, ART EYEWEAR window display landscape is a child of imagination and direct involvement in shaping cubes. Kate, MASSADA founder and chief designer is literally involved in fine tuning of details, of how to stich the heritage of geometry art with artisanal excellence. Interspersed genuine raw leather straps is the only connection bring the object together. In the cosmic way the cube, at the same time, is a symbol of simplicity and complexity. Hand crafted, hand stitched, with personal attention raw genuine Italian leather is brought to life in geometric polymorphic shapes to serve good shops worldwide offering the art of MASSADA eyewear. Small leather craftsman shop is run by Kate’s uncle. Family has much patience for Kate’s creative art experiments.