"MASSADA. INSPIRED BY ART" by Spectr Magazine.
"It's not a secret: Twe two founders behind eyewear brand MASSADA have a buring passion for art. For this reason, Kate and Chris keep a hands-on on appraoch when it comes to everything creative inside their company. The continue to find constant inspiration from finr works of art and painting. At the same time, the two sponors of a variety of projects in which artists from several discpiline are invited to participate in a clllaborative creative process. The main goal lies with poolong diverse resources in order to attain results, which in turn stimilate a vivid discource between creative individuals and observers with an interest in art. What' more, creating excitment for thier projects and pushing the limits of human imiagniation is also part of the mission for the founder of MASSADA."

Chris: "We are only travelers with a dream of reaching a goal called understanding."