IT'S ALL ABOUT transparency

The key to success is transparency as that builds trust. MASSADA provides full disclosure of origin its products, material used and places where it is made. Our acetate frames are made from Mazzucchelli 1849 bio acetate produced in Varese, Zeiss lenses certified by its "Z" sign from German world oldest producer of lenses. Our hinges come from Libera UGO Domegge Di Cadore. We provide EUR1 Certificates of Origin for our Italian made product. Our frames are tested and certified by Certottica Istituto Italiano Certificazione Prodotti Ottici Soc.Coop.R.L. for quality and material content. Our Zeiss lenses pass the ball drop tests which is very important for your safety. Our small metal pin for temple tips is made by Eurodecori in Italy. Family ownership structure marks clearly MASSADA as one of the few truly independent brands.

Transparency, discipline, focus, work ethos, community sharing and situational social context. Work gives us meaning, life would be empty without it.