Stand construction could be also fun and fulfilling exercise . Most of the people accomplish their dreams when building a home, shelter.
It is personal. That is the main reason why is it so difficult to be an architect and work for a client. Human imagination is without boundaries how do we want to create space around us.
That is why our home at the trade show is home designed and homemade, almost.
Going to trade show and bringing own booth is like bringing part of yourself, it is like bringing a home. It is a little home to yourself and to your guests. You will spend few days talking, hosting, showing, entertaining and meeting friends. Getting to know new people, listen, exchange new ideas and interact. It is a part of your personality.
We want to be in the nice space. Feel good and comfortable, present well. So we take a action to prepare a space which fits our needs.
We love purity and nature. We love art and comfort.
What has more purity than white wood and stainless inox steel? What is more nature than natural, old, recycled , seasoned timber? And what about the contrast?
The art is our imagination which materializes in the object/objects and space. The way we arrange and put together what plays the visual music to the viewer and guest.
Our base is old timber, wide and strong harvested from old barns found in Europe when they can no longer be a shelter for mountain hay. It is mountain old cedar. The one that ships carrying papyrus from Egypt to Phoenicia were built from.
We wanted to add freshness of modern times and virginity of northern aesthetics. Old wood painted in white. This is what we have decided. To get there. That looks magnificent. After a long time of thinking what tables should we use we decided to make them by ourselves. We designed them and choose the widest and the most beautiful old timber sculptured by great creator who is the Time. The Time has done working and sculpturing, painting the palette of tabletop. You may wander for hours examining different adventures with with wind, freeze and sun this wood has experienced in its lifetime. Even the most strenuous artist and craftsman wouldn’t be able reach perfection obtained by time. Nature is superior and unbeatable. We might only help in arranging art created by nature and time.
In order to add a spice and contrast of sophisticated civilization we needed something sharp in taste with strong flavor of art. Our selection among works of art known to us fallen on chairs and other objects designed by Zieta. Design firm which developed world class technology in Zurich, Switzerland to produce furniture for super rich. They have won almost any prize in design. Their objects are displayed in MOMA in NY and tens of other museums world wide. This same technology is used in Jeff Koons sculptures. Purity of white wood, natural timber met with shiny, steel pumped chairs. We added few mirrors which were produced by them in collaboration with us in this same technology and were just left with task of selecting images for the booth.
As usual , we always take a huge effort to produce twice a year outstanding images for our campaigns. This time SS14 campaign is soft and innocent. A group of female friends gather for weekend and enjoy comfort of rural landscape by the lake. Outstanding images selected by us You will be able to see in Milan at MIDO in our booth. We will also have for you pure mountain mineral water to calm Your thirst and to purify your mind.
Images are framed in bold, wide milky yellow color……..?
What that means? Where doesn’t come from ….?
Interpretation is Yours … even though to give You a hint.. the word leading to is