Our main concern during the years was the need to reduce waste and to use recyclable materials. We are happy that from the beginning we never used plastic promotional materials but recycled wood for our wooden boxes, displays, trays and blocks. Even on tradeshows we use vintage recycled wood for our walls, floors, tables, and strollers. Our walls, floors and the entire furniture are with us from the beginning, same for each show, we carefully pack all the structure and reuse it over and over again. They remember each customer, water spilled on the floor or on the wall, little marks from the pens on the tables. Our chairs are from polished hot air pumped steel which are durable and last forever. During the trade shows we provide water from glass bottles. You can drink it straight from the bottle or from our recycled paper cups.
Our USB that we give opticians is covered with wood. Our pens that we use is made from recycled paper. Our canvas bag is made from 310g texture from to be thick and durable fabric. Works well for our clients who want to use it for picking up local groceries.
We reduced greatly using the wrapping tape by having thicker carton boxes and special pins. Even our MASSADA book is not glued, but made as origami paper art. Our Bosch “The Garden of Earthly Delights by MASSADA” and other posters are printed on natural fiber canvas for the quality, durability and lasting forever. Life is short, Art is forever goes also in to our design philosophy.
Our attitude is not only in simply reducing trash and waste. It is also about sustainable design. We avoid fashion, always when designing a frame we want to be fresh forever. Good design doesn’t age. We avoid fast fashion which is a major pollution contributor in the world. We deliberately design frames that can enjoyed for years to come. As a boutique, niche growing brand, we become with each year more and more responsible about the design and quality. We work hard and now we understand more about meaning “timeless”.
Timelessness and functionality are at the core of our design philosophy. We design our products to stand the test of time. But the design isn’t enough. You need to have quality to stand behind it. That’s why we produce from the best materials as Japanese Takiron or Italian Mazzuchelli acetate, Japanese titanium and German Zeiss lenses. This is durable stuff. All our components are made in Japan and Italy with proper certificates of origin for each components. Even small pin for acetate frame is made in Italy, next door to our manufacturer. All is done in one small village, next to the Dolomiti peaks. In Japan all is done in one small town Sabae. Plating for our Beta titanium frames is located 800 m from the small family owned factory our frames are crafted. That doesn’t travel much and do not add to the carbon production. When we work in Sabae we just walk to the place where we provide our guidance to the craftsman.
The choices made in design and product development significantly affect the environmental impacts of a product's use and life cycle. Therefore a well-designed, timeless, high-quality and functional product is a sustainable choice. We all can make a positive impact by the way we frame our consumption and long term utility that want to achieve. We encourage more and more people to make choices which leave minimum foot print and safes our planet to the next generation.