he first was felt, we have just fallen in love with warmth and beauty of the non woven fabric. The story of Saint Clement and Saint Christopher fleeing from persecution and accidentally producing first felt in history just added to our affection for the material to be a Safe House for our eyewear. The second was leather, we love our experience with this naturally colored material used in our eyewear cases. The result , after endless drawings and production trials was new set of felt and leather eye wear cases designed by Kate and produced by Massada.
Then, there was enlightening idea of giving dignity and recognition to the objects of beauty. What to do?
Names. Something new and fresh, different from flavor of frames names but complimentary ready to join family of surreal world of imagination.
Eyewear Case? So then Case Officer….. Cover? So then Cover Story or Covert Action. Here we are. Adding to consistency intelligence jargon comes to mind, Safe House, Brush Contact.
What would be the link to the frames? Apart from from idea that felt and leather provides shelter to it. Since we like cinema, film and stories let make story out of it! With the beautiful women of course.
Belle de Jour day working swallow. Just to explain; swallows are under cover agents employed by intelligence services to use very powerful weapon, sex (sometimes the most powerful ) to get what they need. Americans, British and especially Russians do it. In the old days there was even a special school near Moscow to train them; well…in skills.
So we understand that French also do it or at least they might do it. Therefore Honey Trap (sex trap) could be set in Swallow Nest.
How to present a story? Reach audience?
Our imagination is bubbling with grand ideas which may eat not a single Hollywood budget but budgets of few super super productions with star casting and incredible locations. But yet, we are not ready to finance next “Titanic” production yet for the need of off mainstream eye wear fashion brand.
It happens that Kate , who is Art Academy graduate knows a lot arty types individuals who deal with different visual forms. Calling few guys produced incredible results. We found Mat who does drawing for different newspapers worldwide. When we saw his works we knew that this is it.
It is gonna be comics book.
The rest was a story, funny one and as close to truth and as surrealistic as possible. Decision was intuitive to location with Montparnasse quoter in Paris where we always stay and enjoy that part of the city. Hours spent in Cafe Odessa finally are producing dividends in free location casting. Oysters and terrines which we buy passionately in the Fruits de Mer shop at Rue Daguerre are used this time. Even though we do not frequent Swallow Nests over there, the area of Gare de Montparnasse has its own share of pink business near the railway station.
We just met tonight with Mat to discuss the work. It is a Great Fun!