Constantin Brancusi sculpture „Bird in Space” is beyond the limits of experience. Prophecy of peace made us to design frame inspired by the Bird. We were always obsessed with the refined transcendence of emotions related to pure movement. Energy is overwhelming and structure is stripped of physical attributes of the bird. Singularity of design at its best. Spiritual power of art frees us from everyday struggles. Purity of form foretells the future and is so intriguing. Over a year has been spent on studying a variety of versions in museums starting at MOMA in NY. Then, endless number of sketches and experiments with the bird vibrating forms were performed. Shape, design, form was reduced, simplified, reduced and simplified over and over again. Designing simplifications are most gratifying! Singularity of simplicity was born in the new form. Frame inspired by the spirit and enliven emotions has been created. Soon it will be presented.