Life is like making pancakes. First hot cake from the pan is never ideal one. Practice makes perfect. You ought to make a lot of pancakes to reach excellence. We do not know anybody in art, business and life who struck gold mine with the first dig of the spade. Be alert, You need to pay attention and turn the flapjack upside down at the right moment. Seconds too early or seconds too late will ruin Your well crafted effort and You have invest Your time over and over again to make just another attempt. That is why pilots spend a great deal of time in the flight simulators before are put on commercial flights. Making pancakes on weekends is our micro flight simulator teaching us to concentrate and coordinate. It is free, cost effective exercise where learnt patterns could be easily applied in more sophisticated activities.
We enjoy making a simple dough from free range eggs, flour and milk. Calibrating furnace to have the right heat for pan greased with grape seed oil. Flipping the cakes and decorating it with personally homemade blueberry jam, apples from our orchard and enjoying sweetness of honey.
Usually “assistants” arrive when the food is ready. This same happens in life.
It is a must to have someone to serve, please and share those moments. Pancakes are eaten and art album pages are flipped while drinking tea. Pleasure derived from simplicity of life.