Concerns of the Writer

Every great dream begins with the dreamer. You need to have passion to reach the stars. You can do anything as long as You have passion. We met Matt Delaney through mutual passion of film making and films watching. The ideal aim was to make an art project which make You think after You see it. Touching one. Had several conversations what is it all about and what are visual keys to unlock audience imagination. Matt together with Scott made a proposal to show passionate people in their natural habitat, Canadian landscapes, both urban and the rural one. Dreamers;Matt, Scott plus wide team, became those who after endless obstacles managed to put together film which inspires! Its deeply humanistic message falls on the viewer like a mesmerizing voice of the narrator. Clear story line is takes You within intriguing locations near the Canadian capital Ottawa. Matt , himself resident of the area got even collaboration of local Ontario police. Urban settings are refined with skating arena shoots and near idyllic shots at the country side in cottage by the lake. Reality mix of places that people experience. The common denominator has been reached. Folks with passions. Like we are. The only way to succeed is to dream and reach the stars.