"2903" - SHORT FILM

Tokyo, year 2903. Everything looks disconcertingly similiar to what it has been over the last few hundred years. High voltage cables are looming above the streets full of colourful banners, street lights and signs, the omnipresent crowd, an incessant flow of people, the surfeit of goods both overwhelms and generates the sense of disconnection. And so are the human emotions – never easy to interpret – now so detached. Everyone seems to function according to their own inner application.
The plot takes up one long nightly meeting of the two strangers: a man and an actress, so bored with their reality that it got them to try to share intimate moments together. He wants her to endow him with the feelings that he had lost. She is open to experiencing more than just another emotional play. They both provoke each other. The film is a futuristic romance set in an old-fashioned hotel room with a vast cityview. Here there is only him and her, a bed, an armchair, the light going on and off, long looks at the view outside the window, his drinks, her dress and their barren exchange of words.